INTERCOH Steering Committee (current)

  1. Carl Friedrichs, VIMS, USA
  2. Joe Gailani, ERDEC, US Army Corps of Engineers, USA
  3. Qing He, East China Normal University, China
  4. Guan-Hong Lee, Inha University, Korea
  5. Yasuyuki Nakagawa, PARI, Japan
  6. Francisco Pedocchi, Universidad de la República - Uruguay
  7. Larry Sanford, University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science, USA
  8. Mohsen Soltanpour, K. N. Toosi University of Technology, Iran
  9. Jez Spearman, HR Wallingford, UK
  10. Erik Toorman, KU Leuven, Belgium
  11. Bram van Prooijen, TU Delft, The Netherlands
  12. Susana Vinzon, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (chair)
  13. Romaric Verney, IFREMER, France

The task of the Steering Committee is to safeguard the continuation of the INTERCOH conferences and the preparation of the conference proceedings. The Committee sets dates for next conferences and forms a liaison with the local Organizing Committee of the institute hosting the next meeting.

Previous Members of the Steering Committee include:


Frank Bohlen, University of Connecticut, Storrs CT

T. Neville Burt, HR Wallingford, UK

Tetsuya Kusuda, Kyushu University, Japan

Jerome Maa, VIMS, USA

William A. McAnally, Jr., USACE-WES, Vicksburg MS

Ashish J. Mehta, University of Florida, Gainesville FL

Nobuo Mimura, Ibaraki University, Japan

W. Reginald Parker, Blackdown Consultants, UK

Charles Teisson, Laboratoire National d'Hydraulique, France

Stan Wartel, IRSNB, Belgium

Johan C. Winterwerp, Delft Hydraulics, The Netherlands